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Redhurst Campaign

photon1966Jun. 12th, 2006 07:17 pm Off to Seek a Reward But at What Cost?

The party heads out to the dwarven mine ruins and discovers an outppost of the dwarves. A concealed sniper shoots at them but Edmund tosses in to the crevice an incendary magical jewel from his necklace. The conflagaration consumes the sniper. They proceeded to explore the abandoned outpost which had become a refuge for Gnolls and Kobolds. They deal with foes and a pet aligator and then decide to hide in old hiden room that the gnolls and kobolds hadn't discovered. They also look over an old map of the mine locations they had discovered while they wait the return to the rest of the raiding gnolls.

They hear them return and after waiting a little they send out the scout to investigate. He is discovered and leads the pursueing gnolls into the parties local where the party ambushed them. To there surpries an Ettin is with the raiders. The tides turn though in the parties favour when the enchancter hits the ettin with a powerful strength draining spell. This gives the party a great advantage and they win the day with no causalties.

They return to Redhurst to clean up, and then head to Paulson for the gnoll head reward from the Waymarch station there. They then head to the barony of Baron Bluesteel where they belive they may be able to get an enchanted weapon in reward for the ettin they killed. They encounter on the way there several wolf riding goblins who shot at them and lead them into trap filled forests. they chase after them and kill them but also suffer numerous minor wounds and hazards in the woods.

When they get to the Barony they learn that they in fact had killed the Ettin Tir-Nash's son who had recently went of on his own with some gnolls and kobolds. Baron Bluesteel suggests they depart quickly lest they gain the anger of Tir-Nash upon them.

What will they do now....

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